INR 2000 & 500 New Notes Issued by RBI: Specifications, Security Features

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INR 2000 & 500 New Notes Issued by RBI: Specifications, Security Features
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Check Specifications, Security Features of INR 2000 & 500 New Notes Issued by RBI with Dimensions, Colors, Size & Shape. After Rs 2000 notes, RBI launches new Rs 500 notes with new Security features.

Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi issued a shocking statement on the evening of 8th November 2016. Prime Minister gave the information to the whole nation that they are going to ban the highest currency which is 1000/- Rs Notes and Old 500/- Rs notes from that evening. Removing any currency from the nation is called Demonetization also know as Currency Demonetization. That was a shocking news and as expected everybody started discussing this and the speculations started coming from the market expert.


Rs 2000/- and Rs 500/- New Notes Issued by Reserve Bank of India

In the speech on 8th November Modi Ji also said that Government and Reserve Bank of India have planned to bring new notes of Rs 500/- and Rs 2000/- notes. Prime Minister also stated that this step was taken to bring the black money out from the closet of corrupt people. India has accepted this decision open heartedly. At first place, everybody is going to face many problems related to currency demonetization, but we all have accepted it for our nation’s greater good.


New Notes of 2000 Rs and 500 Rs came in Banks on 11th November. Banks are exchanging these new notes with old notes on 500 Rs and 1000 Rs. We have studied the specification of the new notes. Below is the list of Features and Specifications of the New Notes of INR 2000 and INR 500 issued by RBI.

2000 Rs Note Specifications – INR 2000 new Note Security Features

  • Shape: 66mm x 166mm
  • Colour: Magenta (Dark Pink)
  • Subject: Picture of Mangalyan – Mangalyan is the first inter-planetary space initiative. Features for Blind or Visually Handicapped People
  • Embraced 2000 Rs same level Rectangles on the right-hand side.
  • 7 cornered embraced Bleed Line on Left and Right side of the note.
  • Important fact about new INR 2000 is that 2000 Rupees Note Has No GPS Tracking Chip, Arun Jaitley Confirms.


New 500 Rs Note Security Features, Specifications, Dimensions, Color, Size & Shape

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  • Shape: 66mm x 150mm
  • Colour: Stone Grey
  • Subject: Indian Heritage Place (Red Fort)


Features for Blind or Visually Handicapped People

  • Embraced circular printed with  Rs 500 on Right Side.
  • Embraced 5 cornered Bleed line on Right and Left Side.

These are few major specifications of New Notes of 2000 and 500 Rs. We have tried our best to be precise and accurate. If in this we have missed something then feel free to correct us by commenting below.

There are a lot of Misconceptions related to new indian currency also. if you hear something like this please check it on, which is the official website of Reserve Bank Of India. You can search on Google RBI Website or rbi org in if you want to reach on this website.

Do not spread rumours and research everything you hear.

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