Viral Truth: उर्जित पटेल wife is not the sister of Neeta Ambani

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The Truth About उर्जित पटेल wife

There is a viral story of RBI Governer Urjit Patel’s connection with Ambani Family. Urjit Patel’s wife Kanan Patel is supposed to be the sister of Neeta Ambani. Here we will share  the reality of the Rumour:

Mr. Urjit Patel is the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The Official announcement of the news was made on 20th August while Raghuram Rajan has to be retired from the post on 4th September 2016.


After the Appointment as Governer of RBI, Mr. Urjit R Patel had to face such rumors about his Family. The Viral Story described the connection between Patel and Ambani Family. People were talking, Urjit Patel’s wife is Neeta Ambani’s Sister so Ambani Family will have reachable hands to Reserve Bank of India.

Here is the Reality उर्जित पटेल wife

Neeta Ambani has the only sister named as Mamta Dalal, Daughter of Ravindrabhai Dalal. Mamta Dalal works Dhirubhai Ambani School in Bandra as a teacher. 

Mr. Patel was married to Kanan Patel, Kanan Patel is the daughter of Anil R. Patel with two sisters, Rachana and Shweta. 
Urjit Patel and Kanan Patel have two kids, Eishan and Ishika. 

Urjit Patel is highly qualified Economist. He was born in a wealthy family of Gujrat in 1963. He obtained Bachelor of Economics from the London School of Economics and awarded with the M.phill by the Oxford University.
His Doctorate in Economics was accomplished at Yale University.

Urjit Patel has worked in IMF India Desk in the mean time of 1991-94. He has been a non-resident senior Fellow art the Brookings Institutions since 2009. He also worked in High-Level committees at both central and State Governments of India.

He was appointed as Deputy Governor of India on 11th January 2013, for three years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Himself appointed him as the Deputy Governor, he said that ” He is very Important for the country”

Reference: pressks.com

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